Will My Tax Debt Be Discharged Under Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

NJ Chapter 7 Bankruptcy AttorneyDischarging old tax debts is a major goal for many Americans who have fallen behind on paying taxes. Much of the public mistakenly believes that filing for bankruptcy will automatically clear all debts including tax debts, but this isn’t always the case. You may be able to discharge certain tax debts when filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, but many non-income-related tax debts will not be cleared.

The only types of taxes that may be discharged under a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case are income-based. Additionally, these tax debts must have been due at least three years prior to filing for bankruptcy. There are certain conditions that must be met for the income taxes to be eligible for discharge. You must have filed the tax return at least two years prior to filing for bankruptcy, the taxes must have been assessed at least 240 days from filing for bankruptcy and you must be found innocent of any acts of willful evasion or fraud.

Unfortunately, you won’t find relief for most non-income tax debts when filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This includes tax liens, some employment taxes, recent property taxes, third-party taxes and erroneous tax refunds.

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