Unpaid workers affected by furlough may be considering bankruptcy

People all across the country are talking about the current government shutdown and what it means politically. But no matter how you may feel about the reasons for the shutdown, the fact is that it is taking a significant and devastating toll on hundreds of thousands of federal workers who will not be collecting a paycheck they may desperately rely on.

There are many federal workers in New Jersey who may be told that they cannot work or get paid to work until the furlough ends. It could be a matter of hours or weeks that these workers and their families will have to make do without a paycheck. This can be extremely stressful for workers who are already financially strained and trying to pay down debt.

At least one of the workers who may be affected by the furlough has said that he may have to consider filing for bankruptcy without his paycheck. He says that he, like other federal employees, relies on his steady income to pay off medical bills, deal with credit card debt and care for his family. Even with a paycheck, these can be enormous expenses that can quickly become unmanageable.

But just because the government may be shut down does not mean that people’s financial obligations shut down. People still need to pay mortgages, medical bills, student loan payments and credit card bills. Without an income, this can become impossible.

Dealing with debt is something that people from all walks of life experience, and it does not require a full government to be shut down to spark a financial crisis for individuals. Often times, debt can build up over time and then suddenly get out-of-control. In these situations, it can be in a person’s best interest to work with an attorney and explore some options for debt relief.

Source: CNN Money, “Shutdown may force me into bankruptcy: Federal worker,” Jennifer Liberto, Oct. 1, 2013

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