Super Bowl Ad on Mortgage Service Sparks Controversy

A recent Super Bowl ad for a mortgage lending service is causing a great deal of controversy, even several days after the football game. Rocket Mortgage paid millions of dollars to air the controversial advertisement during the Super Bowl game between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers. The controversy has arisen because Rocket Mortgage is promoting a tool that reportedly simplifies the home mortgage process to the point that all it takes is the click of a button for home owners to complete their mortgage online.

Although it certainly wasn’t what Rocket Mortgage intended, the ad’s simplification of the mortgage process – along with its underlying theme of people buying more and more homes – led some viewers to recall the 2008 housing crisis. One of the biggest concerns highlighted in news articles and online chatter about the Rocket Mortgage ad is that the company may be encouraging subprime mortgage lending from borrowers who simply do not have the necessary credit or financial backing to buy a home. This is the same sort of activity that contributed to the bursting of the housing bubble nearly a decade ago.

In the aftermath of the controversy surrounding the Super Bowl ad, Rocket Mortgage has doubled down on the company’s message that the home mortgage process does not have to be difficult. The CEO of Quicken Loans, the parent company of Rocket Mortgage, offered a strong defense of the advertisement and explained that Rocket Mortgage is “taking an intimidating process and making it more efficient and more easy for people to understand.”

Anyone who is thinking about buying a home and securing a mortgage needs to make sure they are fully aware of all of their options before signing on the dotted line – or clicking on a smartphone button. The best thing you can do is speak with a qualified real estate attorney who can protect you throughout the home buying process.

For additional information about the Super Bowl mortgage ad, view the article, “8-Minute Mortgage? Quicken CEO Defends Super Bowl Ad Controversy.”


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