My South Jersey Landlord is a Slumlord! How Can I Report Him?

Bad landlords tend to have a few things in common; they want their rent and they are not always the most compassionate people. Most prominently, they don’t seem to get how their failure to maintain the property you are renting is both inhumane and illegal.

With temperatures in the single digits throughout South Jersey, it’s unconscionable that anyone should be paying rent and not have heat and hot water. Unfortunately, many landlords who fail to keep up their end of the lease put families out in the cold, even though they have a roof over their heads. Chances are, if you are dealing with issues such as no heat, leaky roof, poor outside lighting, bugs or the like, you’ve notified your landlord time and time again – to no avail.

So, next step: reporting a bad landlord. Every town has laws that protect tenants. Choosing an experienced real estate lawyer to help you navigate the system and hold your landlord responsible for timely repairs is a critical step to making your home habitable.

1.     Confirm You are in the Right: Check out your lease to make sure the landlord is legally responsible for the items you claim he or she isn’t managing. For example, your landlord must keep the furnace working but, unless your lease calls for the landlord to provide utilities for you, failure to pay your bill may be the cause of your lack of heat.

2.     Evidence Matters: Photos, emails, letters and anything else that documents the problems and your efforts to resolve them will be important in your complaint against the landlord.

3.     Call Joel R. Spivack Esq.: Real estate law in New Jersey is complicated. Mr. Spivack knows the laws as well as the violations. He will build a case against your landlord by going over the facts of the case and fighting for your rights in court.  Sometimes, a phone call or correspondence from a real estate lawyer can do wonders to get a landlord to see things your way.

If your issue with your landlord is criminal in nature, you need to call the police. If the landlord’s failure to abide by the lease is causing harm or creating a serious health hazard, contact the Law Firm of Joel R. Spivack today for assistance.


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