South Jersey Home Sellers Can Overcome Winter Weather Blues: Clear the Snow!

If you are trying to sell your house in New Jersey, you’ve likely encountered the same problem others have: snow is keeping potential buyers away. It only stands to reason that blustery winter weather doesn’t lure would-be buyers out to open houses.

You may have thought that putting your house on the market in the winter would be a great idea – less competition in the neighborhood and more families coming through your front door. However, horrible weather keeps people in their own homes – TV remote in hand.

Here’s why: icy roads and stoops. Even if realtors can get their buyers to your house, in spite of black-iced roads, people are afraid to climb steps at someone else’s house. Liability is a big concern. Further, with decks and yards covered with snow, they really can’t see what they are buying.

Here are two tips you can use to incentivize people to come check out your property, despite the weather.

1.     Make sure there is a place for would-be buyers to park by clearing ice and snow off the driveway or street parking area.

2.     Clear ice and snow from front walkways. Also, do the same on patios and decks, if at all possible.

Have your realtor put this information into the computer system so people will see it when they look at your listing. If you mention you have taken the time to clear pathways and that your beautiful deck, etc., is cleared, too, your property will stand out from the rest.

Contact an experienced real estate lawyer like Joel R. Spivack Esq. to discuss what other incentives you might be able to offer buyers who are willing to brave the weather. And, remember, spring is coming. Before you know it, you’ll be thinking about planting flowers to lure buyers instead of shoveling snow! Hang in there.

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