Real Estate Fraud

real estate fraud cherry hill njHouse sales are considered a giant expenditure for most Americans. Sadly, fraudulent activity still occurs in this industry, and it’s important for homeowners and home buyers to be aware of the latest types of fraud and schemes occurring in the real estate industry. Fraudulent home sales are defined as a criminal behavior, but the victim often suffers extensive financial damage as well. It may be necessary to seek out monetary damages from the person responsible in civil court.

What is a Fraudulent House Sale?

Perpetrators of house sale fraud attempt to gain access to property rights to a home that doesn’t belong to them. Victims may discover that their homes are no longer in their possession, or they may be baffled when new people arrive at the home under the assumption that they have legally purchased it. Following are some of the ways in which criminals attempt to fraudulently sell your home out from under you:

  • Title fraud: The property title is fraudulently changed
  • Title theft: The home’s title or deed is stolen
  • Mortgage fraud: The misrepresentation of property that results in fraudulent transactions
  • Foreclosure fraud: The house is fraudulently foreclosed on, and the owner falsely believes they lost ownership over the home
  • Value fraud: Misrepresenting the home’s features and value

Damages Incurred by a Fraudulent Home Sale

Fraudulent home sales cause financial damages to both the victims and the potential home buyers. It is often time-consuming and costly to investigate fraudulent home sales. Typically, an investigator working with the state will become involved in your case. Thankfully, an individual who is discovered to have committed real estate fraud can be held legally liable in both criminal and civil court. In most cases of fraudulent home sale, it is necessary for the victim or victims to pursue a lawsuit against the perpetrator. The financial damages are generally steep, and it can cost even more to initiate a reversal of any negative or fraudulent activity that occurred.

Preventing Real Estate Fraud

While you can’t always stop real estate fraud, there are a number of ways you can protect yourself from becoming a victim. Never rush into making a real estate transaction, and always research the real estate agents you are involving in your process.

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