Ready to Take on a New Credit Card? Before You Charge Ahead, Know the Facts

Credit cards have become an important building block in establishing and re-establishing favorable credit. Without a valid credit card, it’s incredibly difficult to rent a car, order things online and more. Unfortunately, the mishandling of credit cards is the first step on the path to crippling debt and financial ruin.

Next thing you know, you are seeking a way to get your head above water economically and thought soften turn to bankruptcy.

You may hate your debt and wish you could wrap your arms around it. But credit card debt is unavoidably difficult to overcome. Unless you come into a major financial windfall, the excessive interest and fees can make it feel like you are going three steps forward and two steps back every month. So much so, in fact, that many debtors give up and max out their cards without trying to figure out a payback strategy.

If you are in this position, contact a savvy debt lawyer who will help you determine if bankruptcy is your best bet, or if there is an alternative to bankruptcy that will work for you.

However, when it’s time to get back to building your credit, it’s important to realize that there are variety of credit card choices out there. At first, you may not have much choice about who you accept credit from and at what cost. However, little by little, you will restore your credit and want to consider things like annual fee, interest rate and late charges before jumping into the deep end of the credit card pool recently came out with what amounts to the best and worst cards for the average consumer. The report measures the amount of potential fees associated with each card and provides some valuable insight as to whether or not each card may be right for you.

The list is shown below:

Cards with the most potential fees:

    First Premier Bank Credit Card (12)
    First Premier Bank Secured MasterCard (12)
    Credit One Visa Platinum (9)
    Fifth Third Bank Platinum MasterCard (9)
    Navy Federal Credit Union Platinum (9)
    Navy Federal Credit Union Cash Rewards (9)
    Regions Visa Platinum Rewards (9)

Cards with the fewest potential fees:

    PenFed Promise Visa Card (0)
    ExxonMobil SmartCard from Citi (3)
    Spark Classic from Capital One (3)
    Capital One Spark Cash Select for Business (3)
    Spark Miles Select by Capital One (3)

The path to bankruptcy often begins with some ill-advised decisions regarding the credit cards debtors choose. One poor choice and next thing you know you can’t get out from under the debt. It’s critical that one does that their research to avoid serious financial hardship. If you’re considering filing for bankruptcy, whether it’s due to credit card debt or anything else contact an experienced and qualified attorney that can help you through the process.

Joel R. Spivack has decades of experience helping clients meet the challenges of bankruptcy head-on. He will provide sound legal guidance every step of the way throughout the bankruptcy process, advising you how to re-establishing your credit and focus on your fresh financial start.

We are here to help you.

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