Selling a Home: Overlooked Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Lawyer


Selling a home can be a stressful situation wrought with endless paperwork, complications, and delays. Though a realtor is often essential in the process of selling a home, one of the most overlooked tools a seller can have is a real estate lawyer to assist in the process. Some of the overlooked benefits of hiring a real estate lawyer are:

Clear Terms

A real estate lawyer can sort through the most difficult part of selling the home: existing paperwork. Terms, conditions, contracts and legal requirements all regarding the property and its sale can all be sorted by a real estate lawyer. Going over all this paperwork also ensures that should there be any snag in the process, it can be caught and possibly even remedied before selling.

Filing and Security

Should any new documents need to be created, modified, or filed, a real estate lawyer can take the lead on these processes, generating necessary legal documents. They can also assist in reviewing the extensive amount of paperwork that goes by the seller before signing anything important.

Preexisting Conditions

Sometimes, a home will have certain stipulations that are overlooked. For example, one could have a lien, covenant, or easement on the property that could drastically affect the way the house is sold. More over, these unforeseen stipulations could even result in a lower sale price. An experienced real estate lawyer can catch these stipulations early.

Loan Modifications

If the seller needs assistance with a loan modification, or if the lender has any say in the sale of the property, a real estate lawyer can assist work directly with the lender in many cases, thus reducing outside help and giving the seller a firm advantage.


A real estate lawyer can take care to make sure the property is properly insured, so as to reduce any issues in the move from one place to another.


If you or someone you know is planning on selling a property, seek the assistance of an experienced real estate lawyer who can make the process a lot smoother. Contact Joel R. Spivack today to schedule a consultation regarding the sale of your property by filling out the contact form or by calling 856-488-1200.

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