New Jersey Residents Still Facing Foreclosure Woes

While much of the country is reportedly seeing some recovery in the housing market, residents in New Jersey are having a more difficult time. According to a recent report, this state is still struggling with the second-highest foreclosure rate in the country.

The report was released by CoreLogic, which releases a monthly review of foreclosures across the country. The statistics may be upsetting and frustrating to people who were hoping for some better news, but there do seem to be some signs of improvement in some areas across the state.

Some areas of New Jersey seem to be seeing some improvement in terms of foreclosure rates and overdue mortgages. In the Newark area, both numbers improved over the past year. The rate of foreclosures in Newark fell from 7.03 percent in June 2012 to 6.89 percent in June 2013 and mortgages that were 90 days delinquent fell from 12.27 percent to 11.83 percent during that same time period.

The rate of foreclosures in New Jersey is still well-above the national average, which is at about 2.5 percent. In this state, the rate reached 6.19 percent in June 2013. This was actually an increase from a year before when the rate of foreclosure was at 6.04 percent. In the past year alone, 3,400 homes have gone into foreclosure in New Jersey.

These numbers may be confusing to some people, but what is important to realize is that thousands of families in New Jersey are facing foreclosure. It is not an isolated issue that only affects certain people in certain areas; it is one that has a widespread impact on people all over the state. People who are faced with the possibility or inevitability of the foreclosure process should remember that they are not alone in this difficult time.

Rather than try to navigate this complex process alone, many people are able to identify solutions with the help of an attorney who understands the challenges and frustrations associated with the possibility of losing a home.

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