New Jersey residents not feeling great about medical debt

Getting and staying healthy is a top priority for people all across New Jersey. If something is wrong and we are not feeling well, we go to the doctor in the hopes that we will feel better and are on the road to recovery when we leave. However, many patients get a sickening feeling when they start receiving the medical bills.

The cost of medical treatment can be extremely high. Surgeries, medications, testing and x-rays can all add up very quickly and before a person knows it, they are having a hard time getting better because they are so stressed out about paying off their bills. However, a recent article highlights some helpful tips that people may want to consider in order to lower their bills and avoid the stress that can be caused by significant medical debt.

Medical bills can (and often should) be negotiated. There may be a number of expenses included on a bill that the hospital should cover, such as gowns, sheets and other supplies that should not be paid for by a patient. Room rates can also be negotiated if a person did not spend a full day in a room. People can research the cost of certain procedures at other facilities and negotiate based on those costs.

It can also be crucial for people to keep track of their bills to avoid missing payments or overpayment. In either situation, a person may be paying much more than they need to be.

Reviewing payment options can be very beneficial in keeping medical bills down. Many times, there are various payment plans that can be worked out in order to make it easier for a person to manage the medical bills. A patient may also qualify for financial assistance.

Many patients are able to avoid or tackle medical debt with the help of an attorney, rather than dealing with insurance companies, hospitals and collections agencies on their own. Not only can this be more effective in lowering payments in some cases, but it can allow a person to focus on their health and recovering from a hospital visit instead of the stresses associated with medical bills and mounting debt.

Source: Forbes, “7 Tips For Fighting And Paying A Big Hospital Bill,” Caroline Mayer, Sept. 17, 2013

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