Local Woman With Disabilities Fights to Keep Her Home

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A local Haddonfield woman is facing eviction due to tax debt. The woman, who has developmental and intellectual disabilities, has lived in the home for nearly seven decades. Her mother had left her the home, along with a modest trust to ensure she could live out her days in her lifelong home.

The woman’s home is paid in full, but her annual Social Security income of about $17,000 is no match for the $8,500 property taxes she must pay every year when coupled with her other expenses. She is bound to a wheelchair and relies on the aid of caregivers, neighbors and her family to do her daily diligences.

Her brother, who has mostly been working in Peru over the years, has helped her with the situation but has reached a point where he is no longer able to do so. They originally tried for a Tax Freeze, but they did not qualify because their taxes were not current. Their next course of action is trying for a reverse mortgage. However, the home has to be brought “up to code” in order to qualify.

They estimate well over $14,500 is needed to perform the necessary upgrades and repairs to qualify for a reverse mortgage. As a last ditch effort, family has opened a GoFundMe page in order to raise the money by crowd funding.

There are few situations that are as tragic as losing one’s home. Especially in cases like this where a person has spent their whole life in the home. It’s a situation that can happen to anyone under all the wrong circumstances. One moment, your finances are only a little troublesome and the next, you’re in so deep that your entire way of life is suddenly at risk.


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