It’s Difficult to Measure the Emotional Toll Of Bankruptcy

Most of the time, people who are going through bankruptcy are completely focused on the financial toll that having no money can take. While bankruptcy is a mostly financial issue, people often forget that filing bankruptcy, or even having major money problems can also have a huge impact on the lives of everyone around you. Here are some common symptoms of stress related to bankruptcy that you may be experiencing.

Social Stigma

If people are aware of your situation, it can be a serious issue in your social life. It’s never a good thing to be the flat broke friend, and it often can be very embarrassing to have friends look upon you with pity. Yet, when you are going through bankruptcy, this is one of those things that just very often happens. Most friends will stay by your side. So, stigma aside, you will still have people who will care about you.

Panic Attacks or a Constant Feeling Of Panic

During bankruptcy, you will have a lot of worries, a lot of what-if situations that you need to think about, and much, much more. You may begin to panic at certain thoughts, like losing your home or all those medical bills that are piling up. It’s very common for people to become panicky when they hear collections agents calling their home, and it’s also common for them to get worried about how they will be able to make it from week to week.

Marital Problems

Money is one of the most common reasons people get divorced. If you find yourself arguing with your spouse more often, it may be due to money problems. During bankruptcy, problems often seem to multiply, and that generally means that it will be harder and harder to have a normal relationship with your spouse. The good news is that these problems can be overcome with the right attitude, and possibly a little hard work from both parties.

Sleep Disturbances

Sleeping is often elusive for those who feel like their lives are in ruin due to bankruptcy. Others, however, may be sleeping more due to depression. Either way, sleep schedules are usually one of those things that tend to go awry when someone is about to declare bankruptcy.

It’s easy to feel like there is no one around to help you, and that you have nowhere to turn. The good news is that hiring a bankruptcy lawyer can put your mind at ease about many of the issues that are affecting your quality of life. Joel R. Spivack is an experienced bankruptcy lawyer. He will be sympathetic to your needs and will guide you through the bankruptcy process as you work to rebuild your financial life. If you are ready to take control, call the Law Firm of Joel R. Spivack today.

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