How to Handle a Boundary Dispute

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It’s a struggle that happens each and every day: You may want to add something to your home or property, such as a fence or pool, when suddenly a neighbor objects to the addition. This situation can often be diffused by simply presenting the deed of the property, displaying where boundary lines begin and end. Other times, a boundary dispute isn’t so simple. A property can be old enough to not have this kind of information readily available. In these cases, legal action may be needed to settle the dispute.

Types of Boundary Disputes

Depending on your relationship with your neighbor, handling a boundary dispute can be very simple or very tedious. In the case where a property does not have clearly defined boundaries, neighbors may simply agree to let construction continue. For example, if Bill wants to build a fence and Bob is his neighbor, he may simply allow the fence to be built just to avoid the cost and time it would take to survey the land. They would set the line based on something like a tree or landmark between the properties.

On the other hand, maybe Bob doesn’t want Bill to construct the fence, as he believes that it would be crossing over into his property and intrude on his space. At this point, the best course of action is to have the land professionally surveyed by a licensed surveyor. A licensed surveyor can help determine where the boundaries of each property begin and end. Moreover, a title search and appraisal may be needed to back the boundary dispute in court.


If the property lines are not clearly defined, it is not wise to simply continue building. If you are involved in a boundary dispute and would like to know your rights, you need to contact an experienced real estate lawyer who can help. Joel R. Spivack, Esq., is an experienced real estate lawyer who can help you with any legal issues that might arise during a boundary dispute. Contact Mr. Spivack today to schedule a consultation.

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