Getting Legal Help for Home Improvement Contracts in Camden, New Jersey

real estate attorney cherry hill njOften times when buying a home, it is more financially feasible to purchase a cheaper house and pay for improvements than to spend a lot more money for a house that is move-in ready. This means you will be in the hunt for home renovation or improvement with the help of building contractors. If you already own a home and are finally ready to renovate or improve, you will also be on the hunt for building contractors.

When you are ready to hire building contractors for your renovation or home improvement project you will need to sign a home improvement contract. This contract is the best way to protect the interests of both parties. It will detail:

  • Work to be done
  • Timeframes
  • Permits
  • Zoning requirements
  • Estimated cost
  • Property rules
  • Subcontractor work

When it comes to the written contract, it is important to make sure the contract is clear, concise and complete. Only then, will it be okay to sign. Hiring an attorney will go a long way in making sure your home improvement contract is up to par. Contact The Law Office of Joel R. Spivack today to schedule a free consultation for your real estate needs.

What Else Should Be Included in my Home Improvement Renovation Contract in New Jersey?

Delving further into the details of the contract, there are specific things you need to ensure are in your contract, starting with the contractor’s name, address, phone number and license number. A schedule of payments for the contractor and any subcontractors and suppliers should be laid out and put into motion. In addition, the estimated start and completion date should be included. Another aspect that should be included are change orders. These are written authorization to the contractor letting them make a change or addition to the described work in the original contract. Determining how to handle these is important in a home improvement contract. You should also seek warranties that cover workmanship and materials. Make sure the length of the warranty period and any limitations are clearly spelled out. You can also push to have a “broom clause” included. This basically puts it in writing that the contractor is responsible for all clean-up work, including spills and stains. Finally, a written statement detailing your right to cancel should be included in the home improvement contract. When it comes down to it, your attorney can make sure all the important and essential pieces are included in your contract.

Record Project Notes for Home Improvement Renovation in NJ

After signing the contract it is important you keep notes and record anything and everything having to do with the project. Keep copies of the contract itself and change orders as they come. Log all phone calls, conversations, and activities in relation to the project. It can also help to take and keep photos of the project’s progress. Should any problems arise, before or after, these records can prove important. When the job is complete and you are ready to sign there are a few things you should make sure are complete. First, the work done should meet the standards laid out in the contract. You should then make sure you have all the necessary warranties backing up that work and materials. Request proof that all subcontractors and suppliers have been paid. Also, check to make sure the details of the “broom clause” were met. Lastly, you should inspect and approve the complete work, since it is your home after all.

Again, speaking with an attorney will go a long way in making sure your home improvement contract is what it needs to be. They can assure you will not be cheated or taken advantage of.

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If you are looking at renovating a property for a business or personal use, you should contact an experienced real estate attorney. An experienced real estate attorney can help you explore your options and determine the best way to represent your interests for the property. The experienced New Jersey real estate lawyers at The Law Office of Joel R. Spivack understand the nuances of New Jersey real estate laws, so we can help you protect your interests. Call us anytime at (856) 488-1200 or fill out the online contact form to schedule a confidential consultation. We have an office conveniently located at 1415 Marlton Pike East, Suite 302 , Cherry Hill, NJ 08034.

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