Disadvantages Of Filing For Bankruptcy Without An Attorney

Picture of a couple stressing out over their financial debt.If you’re filing for bankruptcy, then you’re probably dealing with some financial struggles.

At this point, it might seem counter-intuitive to pay for an attorney when you’re already pinching pennies.

Under the laws of bankruptcy, you’re not actually required to use an attorney to file for bankruptcy.

You have the ability to represent yourself in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

That being said, it’s not a good idea to go it alone.

The final decision is yours, but you should keep in mind the disadvantages that come when you file for bankruptcy without an attorney.

Accuracy is Key On Your Bankruptcy Petition In Camden County, NJ

The bankruptcy process can be complex and involves plenty of forms, documentation, and paperwork.

In addition, there are schedules that must be adhered to without fail. At any point in the process, your case could be dismissed because:

  • You missed a deadline
  • Filed incomplete paperwork
  • Filed incorrect or insufficient documentation in regard to assets, income, and debts
  • Filed paperwork with mistakes

These types of errors seem small, but with so much required documentation, forms, and paperwork required for bankruptcy, the chance to make them is great.

An experienced bankruptcy attorney understands what it takes to successfully guide you through this process.

They will not make the kinds of mistakes many do when they choose to file on their own bankruptcy.

Know Your Bankruptcy Rights In Camden County, New Jersey

Another disadvantage of filing for bankruptcy on your own is that you’ll have to educate yourself on how bankruptcy laws work.

This will require an extensive amount of research. A certified bankruptcy attorney already has this knowledge from both schooling and experiences with past cases.

In addition, they know about any state-specific laws and the exemptions that are available in your state.

While filing a simple Chapter 7 bankruptcy is something that may seem reasonable, other forms of bankruptcy can be much more complex.

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy is more complex and more labor-intensive than Chapter 7 because you must come up with a feasible repayment plan that works for your creditors and you.

The plan must be approved by the court.

Attorneys have the tools and programs to come up with such plans. Any other additions to your bankruptcy filing will require further, extensive paperwork and research.

If you are looking to strip your second mortgage, that is something that will require additional paperwork with the court.

Even a Chapter 7 bankruptcy might not be as simple as you originally thought.

They can quickly become more complex and require more work and attention to detail. If any of the following apply to you, then you should consult an attorney:

  • Significant income that might disqualify you from Chapter 7
  • Own a business
  • Have a lot of assets that could be at risk
  • Have non-dischargeable debts
  • Have creditors that may challenge your discharge

An experienced bankruptcy attorney already has the knowledge necessary to get you the result you desire from your bankruptcy.

Their skills and experience are your best bet to help you move forward and become more financially secure.

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