Young People Beware: Millennials Most Likely to Fall for Financial Scams, End up in Debt

When it comes to steering clear of serious debt issues, it is imperative that a person avoids falling prey to scams that can quickly deplete financial resources. Unfortunately, scammers have become more effective over the years at convincing some individuals to hand over their hard-earned cash. Although the long-held belief has been that elderly people […]

Where You Live Can Have a Huge Impact on Your Finances

Most people living in New Jersey already realize that the state has an extremely high cost of living, which can lead to the quick accumulation of debt and create serious financial difficulties. With tax time upon us, you might also be aware that the State of New Jersey has some of the highest income taxes […]

Be Careful about Borrowing from Your 401(k) Plan

It’s not uncommon for elderly people to face financial challenges. That’s why it’s extremely important that you leave yourself with enough money to enjoy your Golden Years. As you get older, you need to take steps to ensure that you can afford to keep up with a higher cost of living on a fixed income. […]

Growing Concern about Bankruptcies If Fed Reserve Continues to Cut Interest Rates

Economic experts are worried that the Federal Reserve might be powerless to stop the onset of another recession, which could result in more people declaring bankruptcy in the future. Once interest rates hit zero, say some financial commentators, the Federal Reserve could have a serious “math problem.” That’s because rates can’t realistically go much lower […]

Many U.S. Seniors Are Too Poor to Retire, Too Young to Die

Debt relief has become a very real problem for millions of Americans who should be looking ahead to retirement in their Golden Years. As of 2016, almost one-third of heads of households who are above the age of 55 lack pensions or retirement savings and earn, on average, just $19,000 per year. As a result, […]

Citibank Allegedly Used Illegal Debt Collection Methods, Hit with Massive Fine

Citibank was recently fined $8 million for not doing enough to stop illegal debt collection practices. The total fine includes an order to pay back $5 million to wronged customers, as well as an additional $3 million in penalties. According to a report issued by the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau, Citibank “subjected consumers to collection […]

Protect Your Financial Future by Taking a Look at Your 401(k)

A recent Yahoo! finance article offered advice on handling 401(k) investments in the wake of a turbulent stock market. As the market constantly shifts and seemingly hits a record high, or a record low, with each passing day, now may be the time to take a closer look at your investment portfolio. Evaluate Your Financial […]

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