“Dance Moms” Star Accused of Bankruptcy Fraud

Abby Lee Miller, from the Lifetime network’s reality show “Dance Moms,” could be headed to prison if she is convicted of bankruptcy fraud.

Miller, who has made a name for herself as the star of popular TV show “Dance Moms,” allegedly made false declarations when filing for bankruptcy in 2010. She is also accused of concealing assets when she filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Federal authorities allege that Miller specifically hid more than $750K that she earned from the “Dance Moms” TV show.

Federal prosecutors in the case have indicated that the evidence against Miller is extensive. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Miller’s defense counsel received two discs containing important discovery material at a meeting held in early December 2015.

Now Miller’s bankruptcy fraud trial has been delayed as a result of pretrial motions filed by her defense attorneys. This is the third time that the trial date has been pushed back. This time, the delay stems from the FBI failing to turn over additional discovery material that Miller’s legal team will need to review before heading back to court.

When the trial commences, Miller will face numerous criminal charges, including two counts of bankruptcy fraud, five counts of concealing assets and 13 counts of making false bankruptcy declarations. If Miller is ultimately convicted on the very serious charges, she could potentially be sentenced to as many as five years in a federal prison, in addition to incurring fines of up to $5 million.

To learn more about this case, read the radaronline.com article, “Abby Lee Miller’s Bankruptcy Fraud Case Delayed – in More Hot Water?”


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