Your Credit Score Could Be Improved by Declaring Bankruptcy

Your Credit Score Could Be Improved by Declaring Bankruptcy

Deciding whether or not one should file for bankruptcy can be a difficult situation. In the midst of the many concerns one has about proceeding with a bankruptcy is what will happen to their credit when they do. Many believe that bankruptcy is impossible to recover from and will destroy their credit to a point of no return, making it impossible to secure loans and basic forms of credit. But in reality, bankruptcy can actually help a person’s credit in many cases.

A common reason why a person’s credit wouldn’t be as affected as they think is because those who struggle with debt may already have a poor score. A person’s debt-to-income ratio alone could be a major factor in a why a person’s credit is poor to begin with. In fact, bankruptcy could give some consumers a bump in their credit score. This is because a bankruptcy will largely eliminate most contributing factors from a credit report. Unpaid debts, high / limit-exceeding balances are wiped out along with unpaid debts, late payments and more, which can give a consumer a severely indebted person a fresh start.

It should be noted that a bankruptcy could ultimately help a person’s score in the long run. This is because the way the credit of a bankruptcy filer is calculated is different than the average person. Fair Isaac, the company that calculates a person’s FICO score, rates the credit of someone who has filed for bankruptcy against other individuals who have filed for bankruptcy. With proper management of finances, a credit score could even reach the 700 range in due time.

In the end, it should be noted that a credit score and credit rating should not always be the main focus when filing for bankruptcy. A score, with diligence, can almost always be repaired. But if a person is in a situation where their debt is so overwhelming, a poor credit score may not matter as much as having stable finances.

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