New Jersey Judges Move to Change Contract Cancelation Laws

New Jersey Judges Move to Change Contract Cancelation Laws

Since 1983, New Jersey law required attorneys to cancel real estate contracts on behalf of a client via mail, telegram and personal delivery. Recently, the law has been expanded upon now allowing the cancelations to be made by fax or email, making the process a lot more convenient for all parties involved and more current with modern day society. The judges agreed that the telegram clause is irrelevant in today’s day and times. The case that brought along the call for change didn’t happen until 2014. Before, emphasis was placed on the method of delivery of the notice as opposed to giving more importance to the actual receiving of the notice itself. Now, both clients and the attorneys are more protected.

The prediction is now that this will motivate New Jersey lawmakers to take a closer look at some long standing statutes that may not necessarily correlate with or be sustainable with a world that is constantly moving forward at a rapid pace. Motions like this tend to create a positive domino effect that serves to benefit us all in the end.

Although laws are expanding to protect the general public, you still want to be guided by a trustworthy individual who can break down the legal verbiage for you and help you plan your next step in your best interests. You need someone knowledgeable to catch the fine print and who can properly identify and explain the technical aspects of your legal case. If you or someone you know is looking for prime legal representation, contact us today at the law offices of Joel R. Spivack online or by phone at 856-488-1200 to schedule a face-to-face consultation.

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