When Can You Turn Back from an Agreement to Buy a House?

Did you ever experience buyer’s remorse after you’ve made a decision? Of course you have! Sometimes, it’s as easy as taking the receipt back to the store. Other times, you just toss the item into the basement and see it as a costly mistake. What happens when the item is real estate?

There are many people in New Jersey who search and find what they think is the perfect home, only to feel considerable buyers’ remorse after signing the contracts. You make an offer. You negotiate. They accept it. But, all of a sudden, something feels wrong and you think you want out.

There are a number of reasons why people might change their mind after choosing property. Perhaps you found out there are problems with the house after seeing the inspection report. Or, maybe it’s just a gut feeling that there is a better house out there for your family.

Talk to an experienced real estate attorney who will explain your rights. There are circumstances that may permit you to walk away from a contract, even if you’ve signed the offer and made a down payment. Of course, most people who feel buyers’ remorse for a home often are just nervous about the big change. However, if you are really, truly sure that you’ve made the wrong decision or have been defrauded by a real estate seller, you will need a lawyer to help you get back any money you’ve already laid out.

Joel R. Spivack Esq. is a skilled and experienced real estate attorney whose expertise in buying, selling and zoning issues have assisted many families in the Cherry Hill, NJ area find the home of their dreams. Contact him as soon as possible about your real estate challenges.

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