Can I File For Bankruptcy Without an Attorney?

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Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is complicated, and many people choose to go through these proceedings without an experienced bankruptcy attorney on their side. It’s not necessary to enlist the help of a trusted legal professional, but there are some common pitfalls that everyone needs to know about before attempting to file on their own.

You may start to experience issues even before you file. Many individuals file for bankruptcy when it isn’t necessary or struggle to identify the appropriate chapter type for their needs. You will need to research the types of debts that can be cleared, study the various bankruptcy chapters and identify whether your property is at risk. Failing to file correctly could result in a loss of property or your debts not being discharged.

Once you’ve handled all pre-bankruptcy considerations, you’ll be ready to file. Tedious paperwork and lengthy forms are a necessary part of this process, and you don’t want your case to be dismissed over missing documents. When representing yourself, always ensure you have completed all necessary forms, paid any filing fees and prepared your case to the best of your ability. Verify that you’ve correctly filed the necessary property exemptions to protect your home, and take any required credit counseling courses.


If your case is fairly simple or you can’t afford the fees associated with hiring an attorney, then you can file for bankruptcy on your own. Many cases are straightforward, but the bankruptcy process can become even more challenging when a creditor challenges whether your debt should be discharged. If you need a trusted bankruptcy attorney to give you legal counsel on your case, then experienced attorney Joel R. Spivack can help. You can depend on his 30 years of experience to help you through this difficult period. To contact his law office, reach out to 856-488-1200.

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