Buying a House? You Could Do It Alone, but You Shouldn’t

It may not be on the same level as trying to perform surgery on yourself without a doctor’s assistance, but buying or selling real estate isn’t a simple process, either. It’s likely you don’t buy and sell every day and NJ real estate laws are complex. Besides, this is an expensive proposition. You won’t lose your life by going it alone, but you may lose your shirt if you don’t have the advice of a seasoned real estate lawyer.

Sure, the do-it-yourself craze has crept into every area of our lives. A quick search of the ‘net and you’ll find plenty of advice on what questions to ask so you can avoid hiring an attorney. In fact, many even tell you that you can rely on your realtor for sound legal advice.

There are many reasons to hire a real estate lawyer when you’re ready to buy or sell. We’ll cover several in upcoming blogs. First things first: get the facts.

Only a lawyer can offer legal advice. Being that a real estate transaction is legal in nature, it would behoove you to pick someone who has training, experience, understands the law and can offer advice from an objective standpoint. Remember, your real estate agent, no doubt caring and helpful, isn’t a lawyer. He or she gets paid based off of the commission of the transaction. The advice your realtor gives you may create a conflict of interests for you.

While your real estate deal may be a cookie-cutter standard deal, there’s a good chance that there will be some legal issues to deal with.

  • There may be a current tenant who needs to be evicted before you move in.
  • A tenant living on the premises may need to be repaid their security deposit. Who is responsible?
  • Perhaps there was an illegal addition or add on to the property which the inspector does not approve. What happens then?

An experienced real estate attorney will ensure your best interests are protected throughout the process. He will look down the road, anticipating challenges and work to solve problems before they get out of control and impact your closing.

Joel R. Spivack, Esq. is a highly experienced and reputable attorney in the real estate business. If you’re buying or selling property in New Jersey, contact the Law Office of Joel R. Spivack today.

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