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In many ways, home ownership is the embodiment of the American dream. If the day ever comes that you are no longer able to keep up with the mortgage payments, though, the prospect of that dream being taken away can become very real.

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When most people think about a home that has gone into foreclosure, the first thing to come to mind is a person who has suffered a job loss or has experienced some other life-altering event that makes it impossible for them to keep up with the mortgage payments. While this is certainly one possible scenario, there are others that have nothing to do with any change in the borrower’s financial stability.

If you are facing the loss of your home, no matter what the cause may be, you should speak to a reputable New Jersey foreclosure lawyer with the experience and the ability to protect your interests. I am Cherry Hill bankruptcy attorney Joel R. Spivack. I provide comprehensive debt relief services and possible ways to stop foreclosure to clients across South Jersey and the Philadelphia area.

Fighting for Victims of Predatory Lending in New Jersey

Especially in recent years, lenders have been known to include terms in mortgage agreements that cost the borrower substantial amounts of money and all but guarantee a default on the loan, so the lender gets the property back in addition to the money that has already been collected on the loan. These can include balloon payments, undisclosed fees, varying interest rates and many others. If you have been the victim of predatory lending practices, I can help you seek a mortgage modification with terms that are more advantageous for you.

Somerset County Short Sale Lawyer Handles Foreclosure Cases

If foreclosure is imminent, and the house is no longer worth what you owe on the mortgage, you may be able to pursue a short sale. With the lender’s approval, you can sell the house at fair market value and have no further obligation for the balance that remains on the mortgage. Under normal circumstances, the difference between the sale price and the mortgage balance can be considered taxable income. When a short sale happens as part of a bankruptcy, however, that income is exempted.

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