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In order to comply with the Bankruptcy Code, Bankruptcy Rules, the Court and Trustee’s requirements, you MUST provide this office with the following information prior to filing a bankruptcy case with the US Bankruptcy Court. Please provide photocopies, not original documents.

(  ) Certification of Completion of Credit Counseling from a Court approved Credit Counseling  organization. Our office will provide you the information on how to obtain the Certificate;

(  ) A complete credit report and or complete bills/statements and collection letters. You can obtain a free credit report from or our office can obtain a Credit Liability & Public Records Search with Credit Score with your permission for a nominal cost (no mark up);

(  ) Signed copies of your complete federal and state tax returns for the last two (2) years, with all supporting data or your tax transcripts;

(  ) Real Estate deed(s) or title policy;

(  ) Real Estate Mortgage Statement showing the current balance due on the mortgage;

(  ) Real Estate Appraisal or Market Analysis showing the value of any real estate you own;

(  ) Real Estate Foreclosure or Sheriff Sale notices;

(  ) Settlement Statement for property you sold, gave away or transferred within the last eight (8) years;

(  ) Property lease or rental agreements, including any eviction notices;

(  ) Your vehicle car loan or lease statement showing the payoff balance for all financed or leased vehicles;

(  ) Retirement/Pension account statement(s) (i.e. 401k, 403b, IRA, Pension etc);

(  ) Document showing current value of any stocks or bonds;

(  ) Document showing Educational IRA’s or state-qualified tuition plans;

(  ) Homeowner’s, Renters and Auto Insurance Policy Declarations Pages;

(  ) Life Insurance policy declarations page (premiums, cash value, and death benefit);

(  ) The last six (6) months of bank statements for all of your current bank accounts; and the last statement for any closed bank accounts within the last two (2) years;

(  ) All income for the last six (6) months from any source (i.e. pay-stubs, unemployment, social security, alimony/child support, etc.);

(  ) Documents regarding any workman’s compensation or injury claim or lawsuit (i.e. court papers and your attorney information) that you have been involved in during the last two (2) years;

(  ) Pending legal actions – wage garnishments/assignments, other

(  ) Divorce Judgment, Property Settlement and Support Order (include proof of the last six (6) months of payment or receipt of child support or alimony);

(  ) Prior Bankruptcy information (Discharge/Dismissal Order and Schedules);

(  ) Copies of all personal guarantees and notes you signed as a principal, endorser or co-maker;

(  ) Businesses Only: Business tax returns for the last two (2) years, including all supporting data; all business bank statements for the last two (2) years; profit and loss statements on a month to month basis for the last six (6) complete months; all business licenses and proof of insurance.

(  ) For the meeting with the Trustee after you file only: Original government issued photo identification (i.e. driver’s license, passport, military id, County id, etc.), and original proof of your social security number (i.e. Social Security Card, County Social Services Card, Medicare Card, etc.);

Other information required: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Failure to timely provide me with this information may prevent me from filing your bankruptcy petition. Alternatively, if your case is filed with the Court, the lack of information required may cause the Court to dismiss your case. In either case, you could lose the protection of the Bankruptcy Court.

The U.S. Bankruptcy Code is Federal Law and the demands made of you for information by the Court or the Trustee is non-negotiable.

I/we acknowledge we have received a copy of this Information Request and my/our attorney has fully explained the consequences should I/we fail to timely provide the information.

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