Bankruptcy Court and Challenging the Expert Witness

bankruptcy court cherry hill njExpert witness testimony is often used during court proceedings, but witnesses who testify during bankruptcy court follow different rules than those who are testifying in criminal or district court. The opposing legal team will often attempt to challenge the testimony of an expert witness during bankruptcy cases, and the expert is required to make a formal written report expressing their opinion.

How Expert Witnesses are Handled in Bankruptcy Court

There are three main ways in which court proceedings are different during bankruptcy court. These differences greatly impact the rules and procedures regarding expert witnesses. The most prominent differences include:

  • Less formal litigation
  • The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and expert disclosure rules do not exist in the same context as other courts
  • Most bankruptcy hearings are bench trials and do not have a jury
  • Expert witnesses are typically financial professionals
  • Most witnesses need to provide a written report

Daubert Challenge Standards

It is very common for witnesses to be challenged in bankruptcy courts. Expert witnesses can be challenged on Daubert grounds, which means they can be challenged on whether the evidence they are providing is both reliable and relevant. In addition, experts are expected to have a consistent and reliable basis for formulating their opinion. When the expert’s evidence is deemed to be directly connected to the case and the information was formed reliably, the expert will pass the Daubert challenge. They will be allowed to proceed with their testimony. If there is a lack of association with the bankruptcy case at hand or there are inconsistencies in the testimony, then the witness may fail the Daubert challenge. They won’t be able to continue with their testimony. In other cases, an expert’s testimony will be limited but not fully excluded. These challenges may occur before the trial or up until the witness takes the stand.
Benefits and Disadvantages to Pursuing a Daubert Challenge

In many bankruptcy cases, the disadvantages of filing a Daubert motion against a witness typically outweigh the potential advantages. While this isn’t true in every circumstance, these challenges usually do not help either party achieve a favorable settlement. In every case, an experienced bankruptcy attorney will determine the risks and advantages associated with pursuing a Daubert challenge against a witness.

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