A Stranger in the House: Why It’s Important to Know EVERYTHING about a Home before Buying It

Despite all the due diligence, inspections and examinations of a home prior to purchase, there will always be a few little quirks that you won’t catch until you actually move into the property. A Union County, New Jersey couple recently learned this rule of thumb when they discovered a surprising and horrifying element of their newly purchased home. The couples is now suing the former homeowners because they claim the house has a long-time stalker who writes terrorizing letters and signs them “The Watcher.”

The couple claims that the old homeowners were aware of this individual prior to selling the $1.3 million dollar Westfield property, which “the watcher” apparently claims had originally been in his family for decades. The shocked new homeowners said they are unable to live in the house because of severe anxiety and fear for their lives. While this situation is certainly extreme, and your next property is not likely to include a stalker, it reminds us that anything can happen in the real estate transaction process and that sometimes it’s not even over when the papers are signed and the keys are handed over.

When a seller fails to disclose dangerous or life-threatening elements of the property they’re trying to sell, whether it’s an old roof, a faulty furnace or a mentally disturbed stalker, you may have recourse to void the transaction under breach of contract or fraud. It’s critical that you talk to an experienced and qualified attorney immediately to discuss your options. Don’t let your dream home become a nightmare. A knowledgeable real estate attorney can make sure you’re treated fairly from beginning to end.

Don’t leave the various aspects of your real estate transaction to chance. Make sure you choose a savvy real estate lawyer who has the foresight to see and overcome challenges in advance. Joel Spivack has been helping South Jersey clients with real estate sales and purchases for over 30 years. Contact him today for a consultation about your personal situation.

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