90-Year-Old New Jersey Woman Faces Eviction


If paying the mortgage or property taxes becomes difficult for New Jersey homeowners, it’s important to remember to communicate vigorously and often with the lender. A recent news story highlights the importance of engaging an experienced real estate attorney as soon as possible to avoid foreclosure. The story is devastating but, unfortunately, preventable.

A 90-year-old New Jersey woman was recently evicted from her home. Her husband built the home in 1953, and she planned to remain in the property until she died.

After she fell behind in property tax payments, Fannie Mae purchased the property for only $100. The woman had a reverse mortgage and it foreclosed on the property because she failed to pay real estate taxes she owed.

Although the woman tried to contact the lender with the attempt to refinance or somehow work out the loan, she says they didn’t answer her requests for contact. The lender started to send legal notices about four to five years ago.

Eventually, the woman contacted her son. He initiated what he realized was a “last minute” legal defense to “straighten things out.” Unfortunately, a judge in Mercer County declared that it was too late to reverse the foreclosure. He said that the woman had two years to sort out her issues with the lender.

Her son reviewed the paperwork carefully and said there were “instances of deceit.” He wrote both the Attorney General’s Office and state Senator Shirley Turned, but they couldn’t help. Both said that the situation might warrant an investigation, but they couldn’t prevent the eviction proceedings from going forward.

If you’re facing foreclosure, it’s important to realize you have remedies and rights regarding foreclosure defense, including bankruptcy, loan modification, or mortgage medication. It’s absolutely essential to engage an experienced foreclosure expert—and to hire that attorney right now. Prompt engagement and action can help you to make the full advantage of all the remedies and rights available to you under New Jersey law.

The unfortunate story we shared in this post shows that delay, denial, and indecision about what to do next are the real enemies the homeowner must defeat. With the help of an experienced foreclosure defense attorney, you can prevail.

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