3 Tips To Avoid Identity Theft & Credit Card Fraud

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We live in a scary time. Modern technology makes it very easy for people to remain anonymous, which gives fraudsters more chances to try and steal your identity and credit cards. It’s possible your information has already been compromised.

But you don’t have to sit back and let people steal from you. You have the right to protect yourself from fraud, and these three tips can help you fight for your identity and credit.

1) Stay Vigilant

Be on the lookout for scams and monitor your credit. If somebody calls you or emails you saying they need your social security number, the odds are high that they’re trying to steal your information.

Important government organizations will never call you out of the blue and demand that you give your social, so never give somebody your social security information unless you directly contacted the organization first.

2) Keep Important Documents Locked Up

Carrying around your social security card in your wallet? Knock it off. Having your social security card on you can lead to identity theft, either due to getting it stolen or as a result of you losing the card.

Keep your important social security and banking documents locked up in a safety deposit box or some other form of a secured location. Make sure you’re using complex internet passwords and avoid using the same passwords for more than one account.

3) Embrace Credit Freezing

The idea of freezing your credit can sound scary, but it makes you extremely secure from fraudsters. You can still use your credit cards and build your existing credit while your credit is frozen, it just prevents new lines of credit from being opened.

People often pre-emptively freeze their credit just to reduce the risk of potential fraud or identity theft. All you need to do is remember to unfreeze your credit when you want to add a new line.

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